Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t to see the answer you’re looking for, check out are Licensing Info Page or send us your question from our Contact page.

My download was interrupted, what do I do?

If your download gets interrupted, simply click on the link again to restart the download. Make sure that you have a good internet connection to avoid any issues arising.

Please Note: You have 5 chances to download that particular beat before the link expires after 48 hours.

If after the 3 attempts you still have not managed to download your beat please contact us.

Will all tags be removed once I purchase a beat?

Yes. Once purchased you will receive download links with all tags removed from the beats.

Do I Need A Paypal Account?

No. A PayPal account is not necessary to purchase your beats. Simply select the option to use a debit or credit card during checkout.



Do you use samples?

No. All Faith Beatz musical productions and compositions are made using copyright-free or licensed sounds, so you don’t have to worry about clearing any samples.

If I Purchase A Lease & Would Like To Upgrade, How Much Will It Cost?

The cost to upgrade is the difference from your initial purchase. Contact me by clicking here (info@faithbeatz.com) if you would like to upgrade.

I Have Made Some Songs On Your Beats, Can I Send Them To You?

We welcome the sending of songs recorded to instrumentals produced by FaithBeatz. E-mail them to info@faithbeatz.com

Can I Re-Sell The Beat After Purchasing A License?

NO! Under no circumstances are you allowed to resell the beat(s) or transfer your rights of ownership to a third person.

How do I give credit to FaithBeatz.com?

If any part of a Faith Beatz instrumental or sound is used in any track, video or project you are required give credit in one of the following formats:

Produced by Faith Beatz or Faith Beatz.com

Beat by Faith Beatz or Faith Beatz.com

Original Music by Faith Beatz or FaithBeatz.com

What happens if I buy a lease and someone purchases exclusive rights? Will I still be able to use it?

Yes, anyone who buys the beat before an exclusive contract has been purchased will be able to use it as normal, however you will not be able to upgrade your license. No further copies of that beat will be sold after an exclusive right has been purchased.

By purchasing any lease you will automatically receive a digital contract that grants you rights to continue use of the beat as long as the contractual agreements are not violated.

Do you accept payment other than PayPal?

Yes you can pay with all major credit & debit cards through paypal without having a paypal account. Simply select the option to use a debit or credit card during checkout.


Once I purchase a beat will it be removed from the site?

A beat will only be removed from our site if you purchase Exclusive Rights.

All other leases which include Basic, Premium & Unlimited leases will remain on the site and will still be owned by Faith Beatz.

What rights do I have with the free beats?

After you download free beats from this site, you have some privileges and restrictions pertaining to how you may use them. To make things simple, I’ve made a bulleted outline below for you:

  • Record your vocals to the free beat
  • Distribute your finished song for non-profit only (500 Copies)
  • You may distribute your song on any recording medium, including CD, DVD, etc.
  • Use for promotional or demo use only
  • You may perform your song live, but only at non-profit shows
  • You may upload your song to streaming/social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.
  • You must give FaithBeatz.Com and / or Michael Leon production credit in the form: “Beat produced by Faithbeatz.Com and / or Michael Leon”. Add this to YouTube description, SoundCloud description, include it on Facebook posts, etc. Production credit MUST be given anywhere and everywhere applicable.
  • If you wish to begin using your song for commercial/profitable use, you may purchase a license. Please contact sales@faithbeatz.com to purchase.
  • Radio play is prohibited. If you wish to submit to radio, you must purchase a license. Please contact sales@faithbeatz.com to purchase.

Can I Get A Refund?

Refunds will not be issued for any purchase(s) pertaining to our beats.

I Still Have Questions?

If you need further information, just send us a message via our Contact Page